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Top JVC Products of 2020

JVC has a prestigious heritage as one of the first TV manufacturers in Japan, dating back to the 1940s. By diversifying its product range, it’s still going strong in 2020.

This year we’ve seen a number of budget 4K TVs come off the production line, as well as some impressive sound systems, multimedia receivers, and projectors. These days, the company is also focusing its attention on the camcorder and in-car entertainment system markets in an effort to carve out its own niche.

2021 may even see stiff competition to Sony and LG’s ranges of Ultra HD televisions, meaning we’ve got an interesting year in store. We take a look at some of the best so far, and what to expect over the coming months.

Best Products of 2020

JVC 70-inch Class 4K UHD 2160p Roku Smart TV

If we’d told you just a couple of years ago you’d be able to get a 70-inch, 4K ultra high definition TV for just $649.99, you might accuse us of being mad. But, that’s exactly what JVC has given us in 2020 with the Roku Smart TV. Of course, the image quality isn’t quite up to the standards we’ve seen with Sony’s Bravia A8H, and the refresh rate is only 60Hz as opposed to 120Hz, but you really can’t argue with the price.

With three HDMI ports, great picture quality, and an intuitive smart interface, we can’t think of a better 4K TV (or a bigger one) for those on a budget.

JVC KW-M560BT Multimedia Receiver In-Car Entertainment System

This multimedia receiver certainly isn’t going to win any awards for the catchiest product title of 2020, but it’s won us over with its in-car entertainment features. The KW-M560BT comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality, allowing you to link your mobile device and integrate your music library, phone calls, messages, and satellite navigation into your entertainment system.

This is done in a hands-free, unobtrusive way via voice commands, meaning you have full control over the system without having to take your hands off the wheel. The 6.75-inch screen is also large and clear enough for easy map reading, and multiple customization options are available. The icing on the cake is the $299.95 price tag, making it cheaper than many standalone satellite navigation systems.

JVC GY-HM250 4K Camcorder

Samsung 8K QLED TV

JVC was the king of the camcorder market back in the mid-1990s, back when it seemed like no family was without one. However, we saw a big decline in camcorders with the advent of the smartphone, a trend the company is hoping to reverse with its GY-HM250 4K camcorder.

These days the camcorder is more focused on the professional market, and it comes with built-in functionality for direct live streaming to social media, XLR ports to allow you to connect quality microphones and an internal graphics card to assist with editing. JVC has marketed the GY-HM250 as an all-in-one video production tool. Priced at $1,899, it’s an excellent choice for production companies and content creators.

Best products of 2021

DRV A301W Car Dashboard Cam

Since JVC’s acquisition by Kenwood in 2008, we’ve seen a growing number of the company’s new releases come out under the JVCKenwood name, and this car dash cam is one of them. It won the Expert Imaging and Sound Association in-car dash cam award for 2020/21 for its high-quality recordings and security features.

It has a wide quad HD camera, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a smart parking mode for getting into those troublesome spots. The front and rear cameras together come in at just $219 too, making it an affordable option.

XP-EXT 1 Wireless Theater System

This wireless home theater system comes in two parts; a set of high-quality headphones and a digital processor. Microphones built into the headphones will listen for the acoustic characteristics of the room you’re in, and the digital processor will tailor a listening experience to your environment. You can hook the XP-EXT 1 up to just about any device that plays audio, so whether you’re watching a movie or enjoying your favorite music, you’ll be guaranteed top-notch audio quality.

However, the kit is a little pricey at $999, and if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, Sony’s WH1000 noise-canceling headphones are an excellent alternative.

Everio GZ-RY980 Quad Proof 4K Ultra HD

The Everio is another camcorder entry to the list, highlighting JVC’s efforts to try and corner this niche market, and this one is built for durability. It can survive drops of up to five feet, is freeze-proof, can withstand depths of 16.4 feet for up to an hour, is fully dust-proof, and gives you up to 4.5 hours recording time in full 4K.

The Everio is actually an older model, but it remains one of the best-rugged camera options going into 2021, and at just $650, you can’t argue with the price.


JVC might not have as many new releases on the horizon as its competitors, relying on tried and trusted products, but there’s still enough on offer to pique a lot of people’s interest. We haven’t seen any other company come close to offering a 70 inch 4K TV for the price JVC is selling at, and if you’re into camcorders and video production it should still be your first stop.