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Top LG products of 2020

The South Korean tech giant, LG, has had a good 2020 in terms of product launches. As a market leader in TV and audio production, we’ve seen some impressive OLED and NanoCell televisions that are putting the company head and shoulders above the competition.

LG isn’t to be pigeon-holed into just one type of product; the company has also branched out with a 5G compatible smartphone this year that comes bundled with its own payment software to rival the likes of Apple Pay.

Also, its laptop offerings have been slowly improving in recent years, and you’ll find a growing range of ultra-lightweight laptop solutions.

With such a huge product range to choose from, we run you through some of the best LG had to offer in 2020, and see what might be in store for 2021.

Best Products of 2020

LG Velvet Smartphone

LG often plays second fiddle to Apple and Samsung when it comes to smartphones, but the Velvet hit the market in July 2020 and has made a good impression so far. It won’t blow you away in terms of specifications but is instead a solid mid-market phone that offers 5G compatibility at an affordable price. It even beat Apple to the 5G punch, as Velvet released several months before the iPhone 12.

The Velvet smartphone is beautifully designed, has top-notch audio quality, a 6.8-inch screen, and a sharp 48-megapixel camera. The list price is $599, but there are always deals available for the savvy shoppers out there, and you’ll often find the Velvet discounted.

LG NanoCell 85 TV

LG has released an excellent range of OLED, 4K, 8K, and NanoCell TVs in 2020, and it can be difficult to pick the best. In the end, though, we decided on the LG NanoCell 85. This TV has some impressive reflection handling, sharp, crisp color, and performs well as a mixed-use monitor for gaming and internet browsing too. It also makes our top TV pick for the price. The 49-inch version is only $599 while the 65-inch version is $1,099, making it an ideal way to watch HD on a budget.

LG Gram Ultra Lightweight 14 inch laptop

LG has been gaining more traction in the laptop market in recent years, and its release of the LG Ultra Lightweight range in early 2020 has definitely impressed us. The name really gives things away, and these laptops are focused on being as lightweight and portable as possible. The 14-inch version comes in at just 2.52 pounds, making it one of the lightest laptops you can buy right now.

It’s no slouch when it comes to performance, either, and its impressive Intel Core i7 processor is more than enough for most tasks. However, it’s a little expensive at $1,600, so as an alternative, you might want to check out the ASUS Zenbook S for about $400 cheaper, though it comes with less desirable specs.

5.8 Cubic Feet Smart WiFi-enabled Gas range

It’s definitely not the catchiest product title we’ve ever seen, but this smart oven has some interesting new technology features to make cooking a breeze. You can connect the oven to your phone and preheat it before you get home, so it means less time waiting around. Also, it connects to Google Assistant and Amazon Echo, has smart diagnostic tools that let you know when it’s time for regular maintenance and cleaning, as well as programmable settings for different recipes. At an affordable $799, it’s a solid option for those looking to add some tech to the kitchen.

Best products of 2021

LG Wing

This cell phone was announced shortly after the release of the LG Velvet, and it’s looking to be a unique entry to the market in 2021. The Wing is a flip phone for the smartphone era, and it has a secondary display that sits perpendicular to the main display. It’s been pegged as a great option for gamers, those who need a phone for multitasking, and as a larger screen for GPS navigation.

Unfortunately, LG is remaining tight-lipped on specs and performance details at the moment, but it definitely looks like one to watch at the end of 2020.

Signature Series OLED Rollable TV

LG is always pushing the boundaries of what it can do with TV technology, and this rollable option is no different. It’s able to collapse in on itself, essentially giving you a TV you can fold away when you’re not using it. The company claims that it can withstand 50,000 unfurlings, is compatible with Amazon Echo, and comes with an Alpha a9 processor for fast streaming and browsing.

We don’t know yet how much it might cost, but with LG’s current top of-the-line 8K, OLED TV coming in at around $30,000 we hope this rollable version will be much more reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you’d do well to try Sony’s A8H 4K OLED, currently retailing at $1,899 for the 55-inch version.

Augmented Reality Glasses

It’s rumored that LG has teamed up with the Japanese communications giant, NTT Docomo, to produce lightweight augmented reality glasses to be released in 2021. Information on features is limited at the moment, but we’d expect to see integration with smart speakers, music playback, handling of calls and texts, as well as being used for gaming.


It’s been an interesting year for LG as it begins to move away from its core TV offering and expand into other areas. It remains to be seen whether its cell phones and smart glasses can compete with the heavy hitters over at Samsung and Apple, but competition always brings innovation to the market, and we’re looking forward to seeing what next year will bring.