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Top Xiaomi products of 2020

The last 10 years has seen an explosion of products hitting our shores from a number of Chinese tech giants like Huawei and Oppo. But one of the greatest success stories comes from Xiaomi. Despite only being founded back in 2010, it managed to make it to number 468 on the fortune 500 index in 2019 and has released a huge range of products across the US.

2020 has seen a number of budget smartphone, laptop and tablet releases, alongside a more diverse portfolio of home security solutions, tech accessories, and kitchen appliances. The company is set to expand its range even further in 2021 as it enters the robotics market, hoping to compete with the likes of the Roomba.

We run you through the best Xiaomi had to offer in 2020, and the interesting products on the horizon for the coming year.

Best Products of 2020

Mi Note 10

Xiaomi seems to be positioning itself as a direct competitor to Apple in terms of style and features, and the Mi Note 10 certainly comes close to matching the best iPhones. Its 12 MP camera is actually superior to the iPhone 11, and it’s genuinely one of the best smartphone cameras on the market right now.

It has incredibly fast charging times, a high-quality display, and has the looks to rival any top-end brand. With prices starting from just $425, it’s also less than half the price of some of its premium competitors. However, this low price does mean the phone suffers in some areas, and its performance can be a little sluggish at times. This phone won’t be for you if you do a lot of gaming or HD movie watching.

If you’re after processing power, you might want to hold off until Apple releases its iPhone 12 later in the year. Otherwise, the Mi Note 10 is a great budget alternative.

Wireless IP 1080p Outdoor Home Security Camera

Xiaomi has released an impressive range of home security options in recent years and for cheaper than its rivals. The wireless outdoor home security camera retails at just $69.99, with competitor products often being twice or three times this amount for the same level of features.

This camera has motion detection technology, two-way audio to allow you to speak to visitors without opening the door, day and night imaging, and a high-quality 1080p image. It’s an affordable way to get some peace of mind over your property’s security.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Fitness Tracker

In keeping with Xiaomi’s theme of tech products at unbeatable value, it’s released its own rival fitness tracker to the likes of Fitbit and Galaxy Fit. Priced at just $50, it’s significantly cheaper than its competitor products, without sacrificing functionality.

Xiaomi has been able to make savings by not installing a GPS tracker directly into the device, and instead allowing the Band 5 to connect to your phone. So, whenever you’re out on your run, you still get accurate location and distance data as long as your phone is with you. It also has an excellent battery life, lasting up to 14 days, email and text notifications, more than 50 watch faces to choose from, and a customizable interface.

The heart rate detection might not quite be up to the standard of other fitness trackers, but at this price, you still get an excellent product for your money.

Best products of 2021

Phone With Under Display Camera

Xiaomi has been working on an under-display phone camera due to be released next year. This technology will enable the front-facing camera to be completely disguised under the phone’s display, allowing for the first truly full-screen smartphone experience. Unfortunately, other details are a little thin on the ground at the moment as the company isn’t giving much away, but we expect this technology to be on one of its flagship phones in late 2021.

We’ve already seen one of the best smartphone cameras on the market in the form of the Mi Note 10, so we could be witnessing Xiaomi really start to pull ahead of the competition in camera tech in the coming year.

Mi TV Stick

If you want to watch TV streaming services, but don’t have a smart TV, then Xiaomi has you covered. Retailing at an expected $40 when it launches in the US, the Mi TV stick is a USB device that plugs into your TV that will let you watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO and a whole host of other streaming services.

It looks set to be one of the best budget streaming dongles next year, pitting itself directly against the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Express.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-Pro

To date, iRobot has remained largely unchallenged in the field of home cleaning robotics, with other companies struggling to match its products like the Roomba. However, this could be all set to change in 2021 as Xiaomi launches its own range of automated cleaning robots.

The company already has a pretty serviceable rival to the Roomba in the form of the Mi Robot Vacuum, retailing at less than half the cost of the average Roomba, but we’re also expecting the Mop-Pro to become available in the US next year.

This laser-guided device should retail between $300 to $400 and provide a strong budget alternative to iRobot’s offerings.


Xiaomi has certainly been busy over the last year, as it steadily cements itself as a cheaper option to its premium competitors. This obviously won’t suit everyone’s tastes, and many will still prefer to purchase the more expensive counterparts for that extra level of performance and quality. But it’s good to know companies like Xiamoi are out there offering alternatives.