Here is a Full Look at Amazon Prime Day 2023

Daniel Wellington

Everybody has probably noticed how high the price for pretty much everything is nowadays. There are a lot of reasons for that but if there is a good time to consider hunting for deals when you are shopping online, this is it for sure! Introducing Amazon Prime Day, a one-day event during which Amazon put out some of the most incredible deals possible. This holiday started back in 2015 and after registering outlandish numbers, the company made it a tradition. 

The Amazon sale days 2020 took place in October instead of July because of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. Last year, the Amazon prime week returned to its normal summer spot. It appears that this year, this famous Amazon sale day will happen between the 12 and 13 of July. It will take place simultaneously in over twenty countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Singapore, apart from the United States. Moreover, the people over at Amazon have promised to organize a second Amazon day sale event that will take place in India, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

How to get the best Prime Day deals this year

In order to benefit from the greatest Amazon deal of the day during Prime Day, you will have to be a Prime member. A subscription costs $14.99 if you want to pay per month or $139 per year. However, you can join Prime and enjoy all of its benefits for free for the first thirty days. So, this can be a good way of catching deals without having to actually pay for the subscription if you don’t need it. 

There is also a way to collect credit if you want to enjoy even larger discounts. The only thing that you will need to do is collect four stamps between June 16th and July 13th. You obtain those stamps by completing the so-called Prime activities that include things like borrowing a Prime Reading book, listening to Prime Music, or streaming Prime Video. This year, the credit can go as high as $10.

How to buy smart during Amazon Prime Day

Are you looking for the best Amazon Prime Day deal? Well, in this case, there are some things to consider before diving head-first into the sea of deals that may or may not be for you.

  • Come prepared: The best thing that you can do, in case you are only looking for specific products and early Prime Day deals, is to save those items before Prime Day. The next step is to either set deal alerts or ask Alexa to send you deal notifications when the time comes;
  • You can buy now and pay later: Amazon allows Prime members to buy the items they want without paying for them immediately. Instead, from June 28th to July 11th, there is a possibility to pay for your shopping cart over a period of three months. However, some conditions must be met: Affirm should approve your credit and the price for the specific item should be over $50;
  • Don’t forget to give back: If you want to make a good gesture, you can go to Amazon Smile instead of the normal website and buy from there. Like this, 0.5% of the purchase price of certain items will be donated to an organization that you can pick.

What else do you need to know?

Avoid impulse buying

The Amazon deals for Prime Day can get overwhelming at first, especially if you access the banner at the top of the website. This will usually present you with thousands of featured items from all categories on Amazon. The thing is that you do not need all of those products which is why you should avoid getting swallowed by them. In short, make sure to avoid impulse buying. 

You can pick only the products that you are truly interested in by selecting the desired departments from the left side menu. There are numerous such categories and selecting only those that you want to shop from will make your life so much easier.

The Devices department is where the party is at

In case you are looking to buy tech items, you should definitely check out Amazon’s Devices department. Everything from speakers and TVs, to e-readers and smart displays, will be seriously reduced. Obviously, the TVs that will benefit from huge deals will not only include the Amazon Fire ones but other brands too. 

Make sure to still check a product’s details

No matter how attractive certain deals might seem at a first glance, checking the details of a product should still be a priority for you. By this, we also mean that you shouldn’t simply base your choice on the price and brand. There are multiple brands out there that make extraordinary products but the same brands also have bad products. So, do not get carried away by a huge deal and buy without checking anything else. You may just fall into a trap and regret your decision later.

No-name products can be huge traps

Do not get us wrong. We do not mean that buying only brand products is the best way to go during Amazon Prime Day. However, recognizable brands do offer a level of certainty when it comes to the quality of their products. This means that no-name products, as attractive and inexpensive as they may be, might prove to be huge traps. Again, make sure to check the details of the said item and be prepared for disappointment too when the item arrives.

Here are some current Amazon Prime Day deals to check out

Even if the actual Amazon Prime Day begins on July 12, there are already some early deals on the website that you are free to check out while waiting for the big day. Here are some of them:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is now reduced, available in three different colors, and subject to free Prime delivery too;
  • There are a lot of smartwatches (or halo bands) that already represent nice deals. These are just some of the Prime Day early deals that you can get now;
  • Certain ring alarms and home alarms have already been reduced too and you can check out those deals here;
  • Some refurbished tablets along with tablet cases are available now at great prices, in case you are in need of such devices and accessories;
  • Last but not least, there are some eero mesh Wi-Fi routers and accessories for them that are on sale and you can look through them in preparation for Amazon Prime Day 2022.


All in all, it seems that Amazon Prime Day 2022 is quickly closing in and all Prime members and non-members must be prepared. Trust us when we say that the aforementioned list of prime day deals and times is nothing compared to what you will see on Amazon on July 12th. It’s important to note that the deals will apply to all types of products, not only tech items. 

However, as attractive as this special event may seem, the tips above should be your priority whenever you are looking to buy something. Not all deals are good deals and just because the price is small doesn’t mean that the product is good or worth buying. Besides this, it’s important to avoid impulse buying just for the sake of spending some money. Make a list of desired products beforehand, set alarms for them, and compare your options. This way you will buy smart, save money, and you will avoid unnecessary disappointments when the items arrive at you. Lastly, make sure to take advantage of the other offers that Amazon has for its clients, like the stamps that offer a $10 credit.