Improve your Apparel Game With These Black Friday Deals on Big Name Brands

Mark Preston


You might be wondering what exactly Black Friday is, and where it came from.

Well, Black Friday originated in the United States, and began as many high street stores started to lower prices on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

In more recent times, sales have started to last for up to a week around this period, and are common across all kinds of industries and products, especially on the internet.

This year, Black Friday is the perfect time to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Some of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world are offering great discounts. So, if you’re looking for something new, you’re in luck!

Check out our selection of the hottest deals in fashion to be released this time around.

Prinbara Women’s Turtleneck Long Lantern Sleeve Casual Loose Oversized Sweater Dress


This beautiful turtleneck sweater dress by Prinbara costs just $33.99. It’s been one of the top-selling women’s pullover sweaters in 2022, and that trend is set to continue with this significant price drop!

Why Do We Love it?

  • The design is quite stunning. With long oversized sleeves, a turtleneck, ribbed cuffs, and high quality knitted fabric, it’s perfect for wearing on those chilly mornings in autumn and winter.
  • It’s versatile. Such is the elegance of this product, it can be worn independently as a dress, or with jeans, or even leggings. It’s the epitome of smart casual, with all the comfort of a cozy blanket.
  • The material is extremely good quality. It’s a mix of 30% nylon, 50% viscose, and 20% PBT, all of which combine to make this Prinbara sweater dress superbly comfortable.

PEAK Men's Lou Williams Basketball Shoes 


Priced at just $86.99, it’s exceptionally rare for such high-quality basketball shoes to be so affordable. Many customers rate them as being more comfortable than many of the more expensive competing products.

Sporting icon Lou Williams himself played a key role in the design of these PEAK basketball shoes, so you can be sure that they’ll give you exactly what’s necessary to perform to the highest standard when exercising or playing sports.

Why Do We Love them?

  • Easily our favorite aspect of this shoe is the anti-slip technology. It implements a thick rubber outsole, which not only provides cushioning for your feet but also gives added stability. You’ll feel secure and confident on any playing surface.
  • Breathability. The sock lining is breathable, and both the leather and knitted fabric offer ventilation, so your sweat won’t build up inside the shoe. This will reduce any odor, keep them dry, and most importantly, increase the life expectancy of your sweet new kicks.
  • They’re built for top-level performance. By carefully combining support, comfort, and flexibility, you’ll have everything required to perform well, whether running, cycling, playing basketball, or any other sport.

French Fitness Revolution Reusable Face Mask with Filter


Since the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, masks have become part of many people’s daily lives. 

They’re safe and sensible, but there’s no denying that the cheapest masks on the market often leave users feeling hot, sweaty, and restricted.

We love this stylish, reusable French Fitness Reusable Face Mask, and it’s a total steal at just $11.97.

Why Do We Love it?

  • It’s delightfully soft, and although it fits quite close to your face, the breathable material will effectively remove sweat from your face, and then quickly dry naturally.
  • It’s made of strong stuff. Not only is it completely UV-proof, but it’s also dust-proof, and sand-proof. 
  • It can be put through a regular washing machine cycle, and so is 100% reusable. Say goodbye to disposable masks which quickly become expensive to replace.
  • It won’t just protect you from harmful particles and pollution in the air, but it’ll also keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Coofandy Men's Cable Knit Sweater


This stylish Cable Knit Sweater from Coofandy is an absolute bargain at just $14.99, and has already sold in huge numbers.

Why Do We Love it?

  • It comes in over ten colors, from khaki, to black, white, red, green, and more. Whatever your color preference, you’ll find just the right fit for your style.
  • It’s designed for maximum comfort. Made of 95% polyester, 5% spandex, it provides a lovely softness, while maintaining durability for long term use.
  • It’s versatile. It can be worn through every season except in the heat of summer, and you’ll fit in just as well when hiking, as you will at a party or social event.