Prime Wardrobe – Another Great Perk of Amazon Prime

Daniel Wellington

One of the worst things about shopping for clothes online is worrying about how they look on you when they arrive. That’s why Prime Wardrobe is one of the best additions to the Amazon Prime membership benefits, and it’s something we think that more customers need to start using. Anyone with a Prime membership can take advantage of this amazing offering, so today we’re going to share with you everything you need to know about Prime Wardrobe.

What is Prime Wardrobe?

Prime Wardrobe is a perk that’s included with any Amazon Prime membership. It’s a program which allows you to try clothes before you buy them. The items included in the program include women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby clothing, and shoes and accessories are also included. When you receive the item you select from Prime Wardrobe, you’ll have seven days to try the items on in the comfort of your home, and then you only get charged for anything you decide you like and want to keep. Amazon also offers another great service you may want to consider, called Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe, which takes this one step further and offers a personalized shopping experience.

How Do You Know What Items Can Be Selected With Prime Wardrobe?

When you are browsing for shoes, clothing, and accessories on Amazon, you’ll see items included in this selection marked with Prime Wardrobe. As well as clothing items, you’ll find shoes and jewelry that you can try at home before buying. This is the perfect resolution for anyone who loves shopping online but worries about wasting their money on items that don’t fit their body properly. It’s great for parents with children who hate going shopping, and you have a whole week to try on their new outfits and decide if they are a good fit.

At one time, you’ll be able to try up to eight items using Prime Wardrobe, and there’s no minimum price for your order using this benefit. You can only take one of each item at a time, but you can select multiple different items to try on at home. It’s just like having a store fitting room experience in the comfort of your own home. The trying on time starts on the day the last shipment in the order arrives, and then you’ll have seven days to try on your new wardrobe. At the end of this time, you’ll need to go to Your Orders on the Amazon site and choose the items you are keeping. You can then add these to your bedroom wardrobe or furniture and enjoy a brand new selection of clothing for the season.

Shipping and Returns

As an Amazon Prime member, you’ll also enjoy free shipping and returns on all of your Prime Wardrobe purchases. This means the trying-on process won’t cost you anything and is a great way to try on different items at home without worrying about committing to a purchase. If you do decide to return an item at the end of the seven days, you’ll just return it in the resealable bag or box it arrived in. Attach the adhesive prepaid return label, and you can then drop it off at the UPS location near you. Upon the receipt of your return, you’ll receive an email to confirm that your package has arrived and you haven’t been charged for any of the items in your delivery. You will need to have a credit card on file to use this service, which must be valid for the next 90 days.

Prime Wardrobe Promotions

We’re all excited for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day on June 21st and 22nd, but you’ll also be excited to know that Amazon also offers special offers on Prime Wardrobe from time to time. If you place an order and then a better discount appears on your new women’s shoes, you’ll be offered the lower price when you choose to keep the item. You’ll always be offered the best possible price when using this service, so you can be guaranteed you’ll enjoy good value for money while also receiving items that fit you perfectly.

Getting Started With Prime Wardrobe

For anyone attending a big event this summer, Prime Wardrobe is the perfect way to prepare for a wedding or family celebration. To get started, you’ll need a valid Amazon Prime membership. If you aren’t already registered, make sure you do so in the next couple of weeks, as it’s nearly time for Amazon Prime Day. You’ll enjoy up to 70% off on thousands of items, such as a Fire TV or Kindle during this time, as well as many Lightning Deals that are just available on these two days. Amazon Prime is free for your first 30 days and then just $12.99 a month after. You’ll find the free shipping benefits make this well worth signing up for, and you’ll recoup the cost with just a few orders a month.

Amazon Prime memberships offer so much more than just free shipping, and you’ll also enjoy great entertainment content with Prime Reading and Prime Video. It’s one of the best online memberships in the world and is something almost any household will benefit from this year. Of course, you’ll want to set a reminder for the upcoming Amazon Prime Days, where you’ll also be able to update your wardrobe for the summer with some of the best clothing and accessories on the site during this two-day event.