Still Working from Home? The Best Accessories to Make Your Office More Comfortable

Daniel Wellington

A year following the start of the pandemic, it seems like working from home is here to stay for many individuals. While you’ve probably already established your home office by now, there are many accessories on the market today which can help make working from home more pleasant. Keep reading to see our top recommendations for making your office at home more comfortable to work from this year.

WAOAW Seat Cushion for Office Chair

This memory foam cushion provides you with support all day long when working from home. The material will mold to your body, so you’ll return day after day to a comfortable setup. With many of us spending between eight and ten hours a day sitting in our chairs, it’s crucial that you create a healthy seating arrangement this year.

Phyllia Laptop Bed Table Tray

After a year of working from home, it’s safe to say there are some days where we just don’t fancy getting out of bed. If you are going to opt to work in bed for the day, make sure you are protecting your wrists by using a laptop bed table tray. This multifunctional tray works with laptops and tablets and can also be used for breakfast in bed at the weekends.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Spending day after day in a poorly designed chair can wreak havoc on your back. If it looks like you are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, make sure you spend the extra money to invest in an ergonomically designed chair. This chair offers lumbar support and also has rollerblade wheels for easy movement around your home office. Your body will thank you for investing in one of these comfortable chairs, and it will be one of the most-used purchases you make this year.

Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest for Under Desk

Along with purchasing a comfortable chair, we recommend adding a foot rest under your desk setup. This foot rest is made from pure memory foam and has a curved teardrop design. The neutral black color means this is a discreet addition to your desk setup that you’ll probably want to take back to the office with you! It has a non-slip bottom, so you don’t have to worry about losing it under your desk when in use.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

While most of the items on our list today have focused on your comfort and posture, we also recommend taking the time to make your home office a more welcoming and pleasing place to work. A compact oil diffuser like this one from InnoGear is the ideal solution for improving the atmosphere of your home office. Add a few drops of your favorite scent to the device and let it enhance your room. You can adjust the scents you use depending on your mood, and we recommend using citrusy scents each morning for an awakening and uplifting experience.

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Standing desks are one of the most popular home working tools of the year. While they are certainly a little more of an investment than the other items on our list today, we really believe this is a worthwhile consideration if you are working at home for a while to come. We love that this is an electric standing desk, so you don’t have to lift a finger to change its height. Changing from sitting to standing in just seconds without even having to move anything on your desk surface to adjust your position.