The Best Back-to-School Promotions: Get Ready for Academic Action

Mark Preston

Returning to school is often an event that creates a sense of excitement as well as displeasure. While it is fun to go back to school and meet up with old friends, make new ones, and have new experiences, attending classes and learning isn’t always as thrilling.

Having a good survival pack is a great way to make the excitement of school last longer. Whether you’re a middle or high school student, or fresh in college, high-quality supplies and school gear will go a long way towards making your education a happier one.

There are many supplies to consider, and we’ll be looking at 5 of the best back-to-school products to get you ready for academic action.

1. Vans Old Skool III Backpack Case 2019 Classic Camo

Vans is a well-known backpack brand and the Old Skool III is a top choice that comes with a lot of space. The main compartment has a zip and the bag’s overall capacity is 22 liters.

The backpack is made of high-quality polyester to ensure that it lasts you the whole academic year.

Thanks to the design, you should be able to fit in most 15-inch laptop sleeves so you don’t have to carry around your laptop.

A front zip pocket and organizer are easy to reach and allows for quick access to anything you might need to reach without rummaging through your backpack.

The adjustable padded shoulder straps are comfortable so you won’t end up with aching shoulders or a sore back after wearing the backpack.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Capacity: 22 liters Dimensions: 16,53 x 12,75 x 4,76 inches


2. STABILO Boss Original Highlighter

Stabilo’s highlighter sets are of admirable quality and made to last for many semesters. The workmanship ensures that when you use these highlighters, they will not dry out immediately if you forget them open - they have four hours of anti-dry-out protection.

The range of colors makes the set ideal for students no matter what their highlighting needs are. There are nine fluorescent colors and pastel colors to choose from.

Keeping your highlighters organized is made extra easy with the holder that comes with the set. Although it is made of plastic, it will keep the highlighters in place and within easy reach.

If you’ve used the highlighters so much that their ink has run out, you can quickly refill them with STABILO Boss refills.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Line Size: ‎0.2mm to 0.5mm Product Dimensions: ‎1,57 x 11,14 x 4,64 inches


3. Moleskine Soft Extra Large Ruled Notebook

Notebooks are essential for school regardless of what grade or year you’re doing. This classic and elegant notebook is one of the most popular you’ll find in the Moleskine range because of its great quality and durability.

It offers a soft cover with rounded corners that looks and feels different from your typical notebook. The ivory-white 192 pages are acid-free and have a pleasant feel to them.

Inside, you’ll find a hinged inner pocket with some information on Moleskine’s history and an internal folding packet of textile and cardboard. There is also an elastic band for easy closing which is also good for bookmarking.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Color: Black Item Dimensions: 7,74 x 0,5 x 10 inches


4. New Casio FX-83GTX Scientific Calculator

As one of the UK’s best-selling Scientific calculators, the Casio FX-83GTX is a must-have for students who are doing more advanced calculations.

The calculator is available in three colors to brighten up math classes: black, pink, and blue. Casio has designed this calculator to display mathematical expressions the same way they would appear in math textbooks.

It comes with 276 functions which included advanced statistics, a tables and variables list, and a digit separator. The included slide-on protective hardcover will make sure your calculator continues to function even if you’ve dropped it a few times. If you do manage to break it though, you may be able to replace it because Casio gives buyers a 3-year guarantee.

The LCD is clear and easy to view and the AAA battery required to use the calculator is included in the purchase.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.7 Product Dimensions: 6,53 x 3,03 x 0,55 inches Display Size: LCD


5. Faber-Castell Stream Compass Quick-Release, Steel, Silver, Black Stone

This is a superior quality compass with center gear for those fine adjustments that are sometimes necessary but missing in other compasses. The grooved head offers a secure grip so you’ll be better at using it without making unnecessary mistakes.

With this compass, you get a maximum drawing circle diameter of 340 mm and a fast adjustment function.

The compass promises to last very long and it lies securely in your hand to ensure even hours of usage don’t result in aches.

You also get a small set of replacement parts that includes a cog, should you lose anything.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Product Dimensions: 20 x 80 x 228 millimetres Color: Black Stone


6. Elmer’s Glitter Slime Kit | with Purple and Blue Glitter Glue plus 2 Bottles of Magical Liquid Slime Activator | 4 Count

Elmer’s Glitter Slime Kit is the perfect addition to any young child’s backpack. The package comes with everything needed to make colorful and beautiful slime that will keep the kids busy for hours.

Elmer’s no-run glitter glue is made from a child-friendly formula and can be washed off with soap and water. The slime doesn’t leave any residue so there won’t be any messes left after cleaning it off.

The quality of the ingredients ensures that the slime made will last longer than what you’d get from most other similar slime kits. Included in the set are two activator pots, and two glue pots. 

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.6 Product Dimensions ‎: 7,12 x 7,75 x 1,65 inches Colors: ‎Blue and Purple


7. Post-it Index Mini Promotion 8 Index Strips Red / Blue / Yellow / Green / Lemon / Purple / Pink / Turquoise and 2x Index Arrows

Marking your books is necessary to keep track of important information and these Post-it strips make it easy. They are extra-slim and colorful so you’ll have a pleasing way to organize your sticky note bookmarks.

The strips are made of quality plastic so they’ll last longer and the glue is strong enough to last long without ripping any pages. You can also remove the sticky notes and place them elsewhere with no damage to your documents. 

What’s more, the glue doesn’t leave behind any unsightly resides.

You can write on the sticky notes as well, something that isn’t possible with many other similar products.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.7 Colors: Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, and Red Product Dimensions: 0,59 x 4,92 x 8,74 inches


8. Moleskine Watercolor Notebook

Moleskine’s Watercolor Notebook is a great option for art students who need quality paper for their painting projects.

The pigmented paper is able to withstand erasing and can be used for all paints and watercolor pencils. The 72 200-gram, cold-pressed paper is acid-free and was made especially for Moleskine.

The cover is durable and will survive many semesters of art study. An elastic closure helps ensure keeping the notebook closed is easy and convenient and because of the notebook’s size, it fits into most backpacks without any difficulty.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Product Dimensions: ‎5,25 x 0,62 x 8,25 inches Ruling: ‎Plain


9. Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen Collection | assortment with retro finishes | medium point | black ink | set of 4

Jotter pens are fantastic for creating lines and Parker’s set of four retro color pens are affordable and offer an easy grip.

Although these pens don’t have that classic sturdy feel of Parker pens, they are still reliable and use good ink. You get the pens in magenta, green, blue, and yellow.

The pens work well with Parker’s gel refills so you can continue using them for a long time. The set comes in a nice-looking box that makes it ideal for gift-giving to students and writers of all kinds.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.7 Material: Plastic Product Dimensions: 6,97 x 2,05 x 1,46 inches


10. STAEDTLER 122-2 BK10 Noris HB Pencil with Eraser Tip, Double Stacked, Pack of 10

Pencils are a must-have for any school, college, or university backpack and STAEDLER’s pencils are some of the best you’ll find.

This set consists of 10 high-quality lead pencils that can be used for drawing, sketching, and writing. The lead is super-bonded and it’s break-resistant so even if they get dropped, the pencils will still be useable.

The wood used to make the pencils are from sustainably managed and certified forests. Thanks to the hexagon shapes of the pencils, they are easy and comfortable to hold. 

The erasers on the back are more than decorations - they can actually erase mistakes without ripping your paper.

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.8 Product Dimensions: ‎9,25 x 2,59 x 0,62 inches Pencil Lead Degree: ‎HB